My connection to animals
May 4, 2018

Life’s purpose…

In April 2005 I attended a 2 day life coaching seminar in Brisbane. It was a weekend of learning how to be successful and finding clarity on ones life purpose. As a full-time mum I was quite consumed with family life however, was searching for something seperate to that and I guess the creative side in me was yearning to be expressed.

During the weekend, Steve Irwin was illustrated as a wonderful example of passion and positivity. The presenter highlighted Steve’s enthusiasm and love for life; which we all resonated with as being nothing short of inspirational.

One of the exercises we participated in, required that we write a life goal/purpose on a piece of wood (1/2 inch thick) and declaring our goal out loud, we karate chopped the piece of wood with one strike. I remember karate chopping that wood in half with such purpose and emotion that I actually burst into tears. I still have this piece of wood which, to be honest, I had forgotten about all these years later, but after rummaging through my chest of treasures - there it was!

The experience had directly inspired me to write The Zooper Dooper Race - literally a week after the seminar. I realise I had subconsciously opened my mind up to realising a life goal and proceeded to channel this story of animals around Australia racing to hang out with this cool dude Steve Irwin at his zoo; where they would be protected, loved and cared for.

Whilst creating this story, I felt extremely grateful to have been chosen as the vessel to bringing The Zooper Dooper Race book to fruition.


“Until you really understand your real purpose of why you are here and what you are to do in this life, you will be short-changing yourself by not showing the world your true unique identity.”


Wife, mother, police officer, author…. Debz is a well known children’s author on the Gold Coast writing quirky, fun and meaningful stories about pets and animals. Debz’ is a recognised member of the community and was presented the Gold Coast ‘Police Officer of the Year’ Award in 2016.

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