My connection to animals
May 4, 2018
Couldn’t have been a better fail!
June 4, 2018

What about your stories Debz?

I grew up in a small three-bedroom home and always shared a room with one of my two sisters. We never had TV back then and I recall lying in bed most nights telling them stories about the first word they could think of. Whatever they asked me to tell them a story about, I would just make some random story up that seemed to intrigue and delight them. It could be about a pencil or a drop of rain, it didn’t matter – all I needed was a topic. When we played schools – I was always the teacher. But that’s another story.

Fast forward to 2003, married with five children and a husband working long hours after building our first home. Life was busy. I kept sane and stimulated watching Dr Phil and the Oprah Winfrey Show!

I remember this episode where they talked about ‘finding your life purpose’. I had never heard of that term let alone thought about it. Apparently, if you stilled your mind, meditated on this topic and listened to your heart – the answer would come to you. I had nothing to lose.

I sat on my bed. I tried to still my mind. I had never meditated before but I had prayed. I asked the question – what is my life purpose and then I waited. There is no audible noise when Spirit whispers in your subconscious mind, but there is no denying it. To my complete surprise – and it was many years ago, but it went something like … ‘what about your stories Debbie – what about your stories?’


Wife, mother, police officer, author…. Debz is a well known children’s author on the Gold Coast writing quirky, fun and meaningful stories about pets and animals. Debz’ is a recognised member of the community and was presented the Gold Coast ‘Police Officer of the Year’ Award in 2016.

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