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May 23, 2018
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September 17, 2018

Couldn’t have been a better fail!

Have you ever had a brilliant idea, with a bunch of cool people, that when you played it out in your head – was gonna be awesome?  Yep! 👍  I think we’ve all been there done that.  When I think of the photoshoot with all the kids and animals for this website … I’m reminded that sometimes things just don’t work out the way we envisage them!  


The weather was perfect.  The location was perfect – my gorgeous, bubbly and enthusiastic niece’s home.  She has cats, dogs, chickens and plenty of them and she ‘adores’ her fur babies.  Everything was in line to run smoothly.  Until Pearl went missing – her much loved 4yr old Teacup Chihuahua!  I think with all the kids bombarding her home she was like “hell to the no!!” … disappearing for about an hour and essentially, causing my niece to have a meltdown … with an amber alert search and rescue operation put swiftly into action!! 


With the search n rescue going on all around us – this was quite a distraction for the other dogs and there was no way the cats were having a bar of any of it!  The chickens just seemed like too much hard work and anyway – who was left to catch them? 


Fortunately, I had the best photographer and school teacher onboard, who lovingly went into auto pilot and improvised – cuzzie Carol distracted the kids and kept them entertained with her adorable teaching skills … cuzzie Mu’s natural talents were unmatched as he checked his lighting and camera angles until it was about as good as it was gonna get and my awesome website designer fixed everything else!


As challenging as it was – tryna get those dogs to keep still and the kids to look in the right direction OMG!!😩  I think we can all have a good laugh about it now.  We found Pearl – she was hiding under all our noses of course.  My niece was over the moon, it was business as usual and we got a few good pics in the end!


Sometimes in life, we really need those very special people to step up and just do their thing.  I can honestly say that I am extremely blessed to be surrounded by incredibly amazing and beautiful people who ask nothing of me and continue to bless me with their presence.  


My niece was so apologetic and felt as though she had let me down – but there were lessons for me in the experience.  Besides, we all have those days and moments in life.  I later shared the following affirmation with her … “Never regret a day in your life:  good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons and the best days give memories”.

Wife, mother, police officer, author…. Debz is a well known children’s author on the Gold Coast writing quirky, fun and meaningful stories about pets and animals. Debz’ is a recognised member of the community and was presented the Gold Coast ‘Police Officer of the Year’ Award in 2016.

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    I love this story!

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